Welcome to the Qantas Super Fit program!

Qantas Super Fit is an online financial education program that’s designed to get you fighting fit to handle your financial future.

The program is made especially for Qantas Super members, and includes handy info on Qantas-specific topics, like our defined benefit option, and how to get financial advice. Unlike some of the old-school legalese-filled stuff you’ve read about finances in the past, these modules are fun, fast, and interactive. They’ll make a huge difference to your understanding and confidence. The best part? Unlike traditional education, there’s no need to go to a seminar room or sit an exam. You can access Qantas Super Fit any time you like, anywhere you’ve got a computer and internet access. So what are you waiting for? Check out the titles below and try one today. What you learn might save you a lot in the future!

PS: Remember to check out the disclaimer before you get started – it won’t take long, promise.